That dreamy designer handbag that you’ve always loved but could never afford is now available to rent!

My Designer Handbag (MDH) launched in October 2019 as New Zealand's first luxury handbag rental service.  We’re talking genuine, pristine condition Gucci, Louis Vuitton, YSL, Prada…..My Designer Handbag has them all available to hire at a tiny fraction of the cost to buy these exclusive designer pieces.

Birthdays, weddings, engagement parties, bachelorette parties, red carpet events, award nights, launch parties, job interviews, holidays……all those moments you want to look and feel your best,  My Designer Handbag puts luxury in your hands at a price you can afford. These handbags are recognisable at a glance as the real thing. You’ll feel like a star on the red carpet for your special event.

Luxury handbag hire first went global when Sex In the City featured the concept.  Carrie was trying to work out how her assistant could afford the latest release designer bag - it was rented! Since then, the luxury for rent movement has taken off and women everywhere are enjoying the benefits of hiring luxury items.  The demand for renting luxury has increased so much it’s created ‘game changers’ in the fashion world already.

My Designer Handbag founder Aleisha Mitchell wanted to offer something new, desirable and meaningful.  Aleisha has worked in NZ's fashion industry for over 18yrs. She knows too well the impact the clothing industry has on the environment.  She started investigating what sustainability looked like for both manufacturers and consumers of fashion. Ultimately, we should all be buying less. That is the most effective and dramatic action we can make towards being more sustainable. The ‘fashion rental’ market in NZ has been adopted well by Gen Z, they are more willing to embrace mindful buying behaviours in an attempt to be more sustainable. My Designer Handbag is so excited to be offering a product that would be otherwise unobtainable for most.  The fact that renting fashion items also comes with a huge big tick for sustainability, well this we are passionate about!

My Designer Handbag offers 4-day weekend rentals, the perfect amount of time to receive the bag, try it on with your outfit, rock the bag at your special event and return it Monday. We also offer longer rentals for people wanting to take their favourite piece on holiday, ensuring they are looking super stylish for all their Insta worthy photos!

Your bag will be sent out to you in advance of your important event date. A return courier satchel will be included. When your rental period is over, simply place the bag in the satchel and drop at your nearest courier drop off spot. Done.

Luxury for rent has taken the world by storm and now it's available here in NZ! The chance for you to rent it, rock it and return it.